Who are we?
TS-GRAPHICS is a small design and styling agency that has been active in the fashion industry for over 20 years. We are 2 people who are fascinated by fashion. Marc Nechelput and Lindsey Nechelput are a winning team because of Marc's 20 years of experience and Lindsey's young influence.
Marc is specialized in prints for collections, badges, labelings, catalogues, publicity, brand image and identity, logo design, packagings, displays...
I'm a graphic designer who loves his job. I have a lot of interests but my main interests are scale modeling, vintage memorabillia, comic arts, drawing, music, cooking, travelling, culture and much more ...

Lindsey is specialized in designing collections, all fashion design, styling, styleguides, trendbooks, presentation books, webdesign, lay-out.
I'm a graphic designer / fashion designer. I have a lot of interests but my main interests are stamp collecting, travelling, culture, drawing, painting, vintage memorabillia, photography, philosophy and much more ... I have a lot in common with my father like losing myself in an atmosphere and the passion for retro arts. I grew up with fashion and graphic design and later I decided to do styling as well.
I know a lot about old advertising and I think the most beautiful advertisings were made in the 40's and 50's.
For me every new design is a new challenge. My best quality is that I can really lose myself in an atmosphere and that I can really create one.

We can offer a TOTAL CONCEPT from graphic design to fashion design to production and realization.
Some References
Roadsign Australia, Galeria Inno Belgium, Stones, Scarva Woman, Van Santen & Van Santen, l'Argentina, La Gauchita, Formen, Eskimo Belgium/France, Damo Jackets, Isabell Fashion, Polarbear, Marquise Jeans, Blathine, Disney, Aldi, Kirsten Jackets, Borellio, Olivier Strelli, Bus4You, Babson Zotto, OPG france, Be-connected, Double-Stitched, O.J. Van Maele ...
TS-Graphics is loceated in GERAARDSBERGEN, Belgium